Sunday, August 9, 2015

Doll Sleeping Bag and Pillow Set: NEW in my Etsy Shop

Two blog posts in one day????  Wowzas!

OK, so my experiment with a “blog shop” may or may not be working out…it’s a work in progress!  But anyhoo, now that summer is drawing to a close (sob, my favorite season), I decided to try and make friends with Etsy again.  In years past it has been much busier  for me in the fall and early part of winter.

With that in mind, I just listed my “totes adorbs” doll sleeping bag and pillow set.


Trust me, my newly 10-year old daughter squealed in excitement for about 5 minutes and dashed off to her room to play with it as soon as she tore off all the tissue paper!  I really wish I could have a time machine and go back and give this to my 10-year old self*.  I would have had so much fun, but I’m really digging that Munchkin #1 is not too grown up to still play with dolls.  Happy days!!

I can make these in the Michael Miller Paris fabrics or the pink and blue birdie fabrics.  I’ll also be listing the matching doll pjs soon!

If you’re a crafty type and want to make your own, the pattern is from Schoolhouse patterns  ;) but if you’d like to save yourself the trouble and/or are not into sewing, you can buy mine here.

* and an American Girl doll, because I grew up in the UK and we didn’t have them. Oh and there is no way on this EARTH that my parents would have paid that much for a doll…I question my own sanity sometimes in buying them for my girls, but they’re soooo pretty and I get mine on ebay....booya!

**updated to add:  this blog post is part of the Handmade Nashville Blog Link Up 8/13/15 **


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    1. Thanks Sarah! I kinda wish I could have a full-size version! They're very comfy!