Sunday, August 30, 2015

Handmade Heroes or Why I Love Writing Etsy Listings for Other Shops!

The word on the street from my crafty friends is that writing Etsy listings totally and utterly S.U.C.K.S!  I must be quite “cray cray” then because I have a great time writing listings!  The geek in me enjoys researching keywords and learning about SEO and somehow the words to describe lovely handmade items just flow out of me into the keyboard!

It is therefore quite fortunate that I have found and fallen in love with Fiverr.  I blogged a little about it a few weeks ago in my Waaasup World catch up post, but I sincerely am enjoying getting involved with these other talented handmade shops.    It’s lovely to see what other people make and are successful at selling and it’s also quite heartwarming to see that small Etsy shops can make it in a world full of “crap from China”.

I can’t list them all because I’ve been fortunate to be quite busy with these, but here are a few of my recent “gigs”. 

Blinged Up Shoes from Wicked Attraction:

Oh my goodness, these are beyond amazing!  These ladies really do have some wicked talent!  I almost want to get married again just so I can have a pair of these ;)  *

Lovely Handmade Wrought Iron yard sculptures from Alain’s Blacksmith Shop
Such great quality, beautiful items and it’s good to see an old-fashioned skill such as a blacksmithing being kept alive for new generations!

Leather Smartphone covers by Kylie Lam Leather

I STILL don’t have a smartphone (although stay tuned, I think my “dumbphone” is on its last legs ) but if I did have one, I’d be sorely tempted to get one of Kylie’s lovely hand sewn cases for it!  Great colors and awesome craftsmanship!

I’ve also had a few requests to write blog posts recently.   Look out for another post here with more details and a few shout outs on those Fiverr gigs.

If you’re reading this and you’d like me to help you with your Etsy or website listings or you’d like me to write a blog post for you, please check me out on Fiverr.  All of my Etsy listings are "synchronized" for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that keywords are in the right places to get your listings noticed.

*p.s. For the record;  I have no intention of getting married again!

Note: I get paid for writing through Fiverr, but receive nothing for doing shout outs like this.

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