Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Fun for Fall Double Layer Skirt: Purples and Paisleys and Teal…Oh MY! (NEW in my Etsy Shop)

Technically it’s not fall yet, but we’ve had something of a taste of the changing seasons here these past few weeks.  The leaves have started to turn (nice!) and the weather’s been a teeny bit cooler (aka you can get inside your car without feeling like you will suffocate because the air inside is a million degrees!).  On the negative side of this, it rained for an entire week and we’ve all got seasonal allergies and/or upper respiratory junk going on (luckily tissues and cough drops are on sale right now!!) :( .

It’s a bit tough trying to get good product pictures when the sun is M.I.A., but I had a touch of inspiration when it came to this gorgeous fall skirt that I made for the “Fall Out of Summer” event at Chic Threads & Things . Munchkin #2 and I grabbed umbrellas and rain boots and headed out to splash around while Lil Dude was napping.  The result?  Fun times and some great pictures!!

I absolutely LOVE this skirt!  True story: It has a stretchy waistband and I can fit into it, but it looks much cuter on her!!!

The skirt has the amazingly awesome pattern on the outer skirt…check it out!  There are so many wonderful colors for fall in the print; purple-ish/eggplant (aka aubergine for the Europeans!), turquoise, teal, orange, white and black.  It’s easy to find a top to match ;)  Plus it has the same purple-ish color on the underskirt (although I could make it with a different color underskirt – teal perhaps?) and a sweet little pickup tie on the side so that the underskirt peeks out.  It has superb twirl factor and, as you can see, is a lot of fun for puddle jumping!! 

I made this skirt with school in mind, but it’s fancy enough to wear to a party or church with a cute top and some shiny or sparkly shoes.  It can be worn with leggings and boots for fall, tights in winter and sandals in spring…so versatile!

It’s available now in sizes 2T – 10 through my Etsy shop.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Handmade Heroes or Why I Love Writing Etsy Listings for Other Shops!

The word on the street from my crafty friends is that writing Etsy listings totally and utterly S.U.C.K.S!  I must be quite “cray cray” then because I have a great time writing listings!  The geek in me enjoys researching keywords and learning about SEO and somehow the words to describe lovely handmade items just flow out of me into the keyboard!

It is therefore quite fortunate that I have found and fallen in love with Fiverr.  I blogged a little about it a few weeks ago in my Waaasup World catch up post, but I sincerely am enjoying getting involved with these other talented handmade shops.    It’s lovely to see what other people make and are successful at selling and it’s also quite heartwarming to see that small Etsy shops can make it in a world full of “crap from China”.

I can’t list them all because I’ve been fortunate to be quite busy with these, but here are a few of my recent “gigs”. 

Blinged Up Shoes from Wicked Attraction:

Oh my goodness, these are beyond amazing!  These ladies really do have some wicked talent!  I almost want to get married again just so I can have a pair of these ;)  *

Lovely Handmade Wrought Iron yard sculptures from Alain’s Blacksmith Shop
Such great quality, beautiful items and it’s good to see an old-fashioned skill such as a blacksmithing being kept alive for new generations!

Leather Smartphone covers by Kylie Lam Leather

I STILL don’t have a smartphone (although stay tuned, I think my “dumbphone” is on its last legs ) but if I did have one, I’d be sorely tempted to get one of Kylie’s lovely hand sewn cases for it!  Great colors and awesome craftsmanship!

I’ve also had a few requests to write blog posts recently.   Look out for another post here with more details and a few shout outs on those Fiverr gigs.

If you’re reading this and you’d like me to help you with your Etsy or website listings or you’d like me to write a blog post for you, please check me out on Fiverr.  All of my Etsy listings are "synchronized" for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that keywords are in the right places to get your listings noticed.

*p.s. For the record;  I have no intention of getting married again!

Note: I get paid for writing through Fiverr, but receive nothing for doing shout outs like this.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Doll Sleeping Bag and Pillow Set: NEW in my Etsy Shop

Two blog posts in one day????  Wowzas!

OK, so my experiment with a “blog shop” may or may not be working out…it’s a work in progress!  But anyhoo, now that summer is drawing to a close (sob, my favorite season), I decided to try and make friends with Etsy again.  In years past it has been much busier  for me in the fall and early part of winter.

With that in mind, I just listed my “totes adorbs” doll sleeping bag and pillow set.


Trust me, my newly 10-year old daughter squealed in excitement for about 5 minutes and dashed off to her room to play with it as soon as she tore off all the tissue paper!  I really wish I could have a time machine and go back and give this to my 10-year old self*.  I would have had so much fun, but I’m really digging that Munchkin #1 is not too grown up to still play with dolls.  Happy days!!

I can make these in the Michael Miller Paris fabrics or the pink and blue birdie fabrics.  I’ll also be listing the matching doll pjs soon!

If you’re a crafty type and want to make your own, the pattern is from Schoolhouse patterns  ;) but if you’d like to save yourself the trouble and/or are not into sewing, you can buy mine here.

* and an American Girl doll, because I grew up in the UK and we didn’t have them. Oh and there is no way on this EARTH that my parents would have paid that much for a doll…I question my own sanity sometimes in buying them for my girls, but they’re soooo pretty and I get mine on ebay....booya!

**updated to add:  this blog post is part of the Handmade Nashville Blog Link Up 8/13/15 **

Crafting In CrazyTown: NEW LOOK!

Just a quickeroo to let you know that you might notice some changes to the blog design.  Don't worry, I have just been thinking for a while that it was "too pink"!  It matched some old business cards and an old Facebook profile cover, but since I've changed both of those things recently, it's time to change the blog too.

I'm going with blue for now, but that might change too!  I'm just all over the map with color recently!

A new blog cover picture will be coming soon too.

Cheers all!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sewing Stories: Captivated by Colors

I’ve said it before, but sewing is my ART…I find it very hard to sew when I don’t feel inspired and on the other hand, it drives me crazy when my head is buzzing with ideas and I don’t have time to sew!

July was a tough month for sewing in Crazytown.  The girls were still out of school and a family that we’re close to experienced a terrible tragedy.  Luckily July is a slow time for sewing orders because I felt too sad to sew for a few weeks; all I wanted to do was hold on to my kids and hang out with them/do fun things/just be their mom.

We went to the park, we swam, we hung out with friends and played in the back yard.

Eventually my will to sew came back and I got back “behind the wheel” of the sewing machine.  I didn’t realize it until I was editing the pictures of my July creations, but I’ve become “Captivated by Colors”!  I think it might be partly due to the influence of my new friend/Fiverr customer Annie Kuhn (Annie makes amazingly colorful glass jewelry) or it could just be that it’s summer and color is everywhere, but here are some of my July sewing creations. 

Coco for color dress for #UndertheBigTop event at Boutique Challenge Auctions 8/5 -8/7/15

Colorful dress for #backtoschool - coming soon to my Etsy store

"Berry Cute" pleated skirt for #TimeForSchool auction at Handmade Nashville 8/7 - 8/8/15

"Olaf" nightdress...It's NOT PINK!!!  ;)

Leave a comment or send me a message through Facebook if you’d like to know more about any of the items you see here.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Becky Sue’s Bow & Sews is now BECKITYBOOTIQUE

Hello my internet friends!  I’m ready to announce a small-ish change.


I'm rebranding away from Becky Sue's Bow & Sews and I'm now calling my online activities BECKITYBOOTIQUE (Beckityboo has been my screen name since back in the mists of time when we still had AOL!!!).

·         I changed the name and URL of my Facebook page.

·         I setup a “VIP” group on Facebook because although I dearly love Facebook and the positive change/cute cat pictures that it brings into my life; as far as my page is concerned it's not all sunshine and rainbows and it’s super annoying to post things and have the algorithms completely hide it from everyone.  Supposedly groups are the way of the future.

·         I've changed my business name on Twitter and Etsy.
·         I’m seriously thinking about jumping on the Smartphone bandwagon and when I do, I’ll get more into Instagram.  Don't hold your breath on that one though ;)


Changing the name makes sense to me since
1.       I don’t really make bows any more

2.       “Sue” hasn’t been around in a while, she’s off doing her own thing and power to her

3.       I didn’t know it when I set things up, but having things like apostrophes and “&” signs in your shop name makes it complicated and I think harder for people to find you in searches

So…there you have it!  Online accounts changed  (except gmail, gotta work that one out), new business cards ordered and although it’s a small change, it has made a big difference in my outlook! 




Friday, July 10, 2015

Waaaaaaasup World! I'm Still Here!

Waaaaasup world (do people still say that? Omg so 90s!)?  I haven’t blogged (here) for a while because…

1)      I’ve been cheating on you and blogging in other places like Handmade Nashville and Chic Threads & Things (oops!)

2)      It’s summer and I’ve got an army of munchkins running around everywhere demanding to be fed a bazillion times a day and to be taken places to “have fun”

3)      I’ve actually been sewing!  (yay)

4)      I got busy writing Fiverr orders (cool!)

On the subject of sewing, here are a few of the things I’ve been making recently! 
Denim & lace dress available through the #WesternCouture event at Boutique Challenge Auctions on Facebook

Princess Dress for Sizzling Summer Showcase at Chic Threads & Things

Girls sunhat and bag for Handmade Nashville (sold)

I’ve been inspired by my wonderful Facebook groups: 
  • Handmade Nashville (where I made beach inspired items)
  • Chic Threads & Things (amazeball Princess dress for our Summer Showcase)
  • Boutique Challenge Auctions who inspired a whole morning of Pinterest “research” to come up with two awesome #WesternCouture items.

I’ve really been having fun with these themes as you can probably tell!!!

So, my other new-ish thing is FIVERR.  I found it totally by accident on a link on a blog sometime back in January.  It’s basically a market place for services like copywriting and graphic design.  The basic ones start out at $5 each “gig”.  I’ve “met” some other reallllly cool handmade business owners through this and had so much fun using my extensive vocabulary (I used to read a Thesaurus as a kid – true story) and witty turn of phrase to write listings for them…here are some of my favorites:
Gorgeous Tila Bead Bracelet by JB Tila
Lolly Glass Bead necklace by Tea House Glass
Completely awesome Harry Potter Hollow Book Flask from Hollow Book Co.


I had never heard of Tila beads before I started writing listings for Jill of JB Tila.  They are totally gorgeous....go and buy TEN of them right now (and tell her I sent you!).   I'm in awe of the lovely colors that Annie of Tea House Glass comes up with (note: at time of writing, Annie had not updated this listing to my version yet).  Last, but not least...I totally want one of these hollow book flasks from Richie at Hollow Book Co.

If you’re interested in having me write some product listings for your Etsy store or website, you can find me here!


OK, that is all!  I can’t promise I won’t cheat on you with other blogs, but I’ll try and be better about blogging HERE!






Sunday, May 10, 2015

Crazy Fun Flower Dress For Tweens & 18" Doll

I made these dresses with Springtime on my mind....I just ADORE how they turned out!!  The bright and happy print on the skirt is showcased by the cheerful colors on the bodice and sash.  I got inspired and added a faux-shirt front (aka "placket") that wasn't in the original FooFoo Threads pattern because I found some sweet little buttons at the store that perfectly matched the skirt fabric.

The girls dress has shirring on the back of the bodice, so it's easy to get on with no pesky buttons or zippers in the back, but the doll's version has Velcro all the way up the back which we have found to be the easiest for the younger girls to manage.

This dress is made to order in girls sizes 6-10 and 18" doll size.


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"Here Comes The Sun" THE MOVIE!!!

I've been experimenting with video in an attempt to get more people to see my lovely sewing creations on Facebook!  Because, well, because Facebook pretty much sucks these days if you're a small business without a big budget for marketing. 

What do you think?  Let me know in the comments!!

Click here to shop the #HereComesTheSun sale at Chic Threads & Things on Facebook!!

"Miss Mouse" Dress & Bloomers Set

 Your sweet little Mouse fan will love this outfit.  Red and white or pink and white polka dots with a lovely wide sash, twirly skirt and a pair of matching bloomers.   It's perfect for a themed birthday party, Florida vacation, Halloween or just every day play wear. 

Miss Mouse Red & White polka dot dress and bloomers by #BeckySuesBowAndSews available through

Miss Mouse Red & White polka dot dress and bloomers by #BeckySuesBowAndSews available through

Miss Mouse Pink & White polka dot dress and bloomers by #BeckySuesBowAndSews available through

 Custom items are usually ready to ship in 4-6 weeks after a confirmed order.  Items are crafted in a pet-free, smoke-free home.

* Note: Hair accessories are not included with this listing, but please add a comment to your order if you would like us to make you a coordinating hair bow.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

TIPS For Crafting With Baby On Board

This post was written when Little Dude was 5 months old, look out for my follow up post "Crafting with a very busy mini-man in the house

Little Dude is awesome, but it can be tough to get anything done with a new baby in the house, so finding time for fabulous craft projects can be a challenge! 

Honestly, I didn’t craft or sew at all in the first couple of months*, but then my will to craft came back (hooray!) and I found that I can get some projects finished, but it takes planning and determination.  Here are my tips for crafting with a baby on board…

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

HOW TO Find That Thing You Need at Wal-Mart When You Haven't Got Time To Look

I’ve wasted many precious hours of my life wandering around our local Wal-Mart looking for something specific that I was fairly certain was there, but the great minds behind the uber-giant corporation had chosen to hide in the cavernous depths of the superstore.  Items such as scrap book glue (never found it), tan felt (found it, but had to buy a multi pack to get it), refills for the Soda Stream (I swear they keep moving them!!), breadcrumbs (where in the name of all things holy do they keep the breadcrumbs!!!  Do they hide them on purpose so you'll spend more time in the store??) and of course,  there are never any associates around to help – or if there are any, they pretend to be busy stocking shelves or running an important errand or whatever and studiously avoid eye contact.  Hmmmm!

This problem is even more pressing now that I am shopping with Little Dude in tow.  He HATES Walmart.  Not sure why an 18-month old is so averse to the place (maybe he senses my fear?), but he screams the place down* every time we go and tries to climb out of the cart the whole time. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

500 Facebook Likes Giveaway

I both love and hate Facebook, but in spite of my constantly shifting one-way relationship with the time-sucking, cant-quit, it's genius website, my fan page recently passed the 500 likes least it did as of time of writing...Facebook is planning to delete some inactive profiles, so it's entirely possible that I could wake up tomorrow and only have 12 likes!!!

Where was I?  Oh, 500 likes! 

I promised a GIVEAWAY to celebrate and here it is!!  It starts tomorrow (3/14/15) and ends next Friday (3/20/15).  You can win your choice of:

- A pair of Capri pants custom-made in size 2T - girls 6
- Spring burlap door hanger
- $15 credit towards an item in my NEW blog shop*

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*new items are being added as I get to them, but the credit can be used any time in 2015!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Welcome to Crazytown

Why CRAZYTOWN?  Well, let me see... one overly dramatic nine-year old, one accident-prone, but otherwise quite sensible middle child,  a mischievous toddler,  a husband who works a messy job, house that won’t clean itself, carpools to drive, bills to pay, a crafting business to fulfill my need to craft and now a blog...  Yeah, all that adds up to a lil’ bit of craziness at home…especially when the big kids get home from school in the afternoons (because I hate homework almost as much as the kids do! In fact, maybe I hate it more than they do!!). - Sometimes I think Mommy is happier than me when I don't have homework.

 Crafting is my hobby, but sometimes it’s more like an obsession.  I’ve been known to dream of craft projects (but also sometimes Candy Crush and Pet Rescue Saga, is that normal??) and once the idea is there it has to come out!  It’s kind of like craft nausea, the idea lurks around on the edge of consciousness and won’t leave until it’s started so you could say that I vomit out our craft projects (yeah, that’s probably not normal!!). 
So, that’s Crazytown.  Pull up a chair and don't worry, screaming is just part of the process, you'll get used to it!

Spring Flutter Sleeve Dress


Easter Dress

Easter or Spring Peasant Dress sizes 6/12m - Girls 8



Shop Home

Welcome to my Blog Shop! 

Ready To Ship

Spring Flutter Sleeve Dress sizes 2T and 3T click here to see more and place an order
Custom Items
Easter or Spring Peasant Dress sizes 6/12m - Girls 8, click here for more info and to order

Miss Mouse dress and bloomers  - custom made in red or pink

My name is Becky, I've had an etsy store for the past 3 years and I have fun on Facebook, but times they-are-a-changin' and I decided to add a little shop directly on my blog.

All of my items are handmade to a very high standard using high quality fabrics and all seams are finished using an overlock stitch and top-stitching where appropriate.  I use well-respected designers for my patterns (Create Kids Couture, Foo Foo Threads to name but two) that have a rigorous testing process, so you can be sure that my items will be cute and well designed.  Sizes may vary from "street" clothing, so I will include measurements on RTS (Ready to Ship) listings and will request measurements from you for custom orders.

If you have any questions, please comment below or email me.