Wednesday, March 18, 2015

HOW TO Find That Thing You Need at Wal-Mart When You Haven't Got Time To Look

I’ve wasted many precious hours of my life wandering around our local Wal-Mart looking for something specific that I was fairly certain was there, but the great minds behind the uber-giant corporation had chosen to hide in the cavernous depths of the superstore.  Items such as scrap book glue (never found it), tan felt (found it, but had to buy a multi pack to get it), refills for the Soda Stream (I swear they keep moving them!!), breadcrumbs (where in the name of all things holy do they keep the breadcrumbs!!!  Do they hide them on purpose so you'll spend more time in the store??) and of course,  there are never any associates around to help – or if there are any, they pretend to be busy stocking shelves or running an important errand or whatever and studiously avoid eye contact.  Hmmmm!

This problem is even more pressing now that I am shopping with Little Dude in tow.  He HATES Walmart.  Not sure why an 18-month old is so averse to the place (maybe he senses my fear?), but he screams the place down* every time we go and tries to climb out of the cart the whole time. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

500 Facebook Likes Giveaway

I both love and hate Facebook, but in spite of my constantly shifting one-way relationship with the time-sucking, cant-quit, it's genius website, my fan page recently passed the 500 likes least it did as of time of writing...Facebook is planning to delete some inactive profiles, so it's entirely possible that I could wake up tomorrow and only have 12 likes!!!

Where was I?  Oh, 500 likes! 

I promised a GIVEAWAY to celebrate and here it is!!  It starts tomorrow (3/14/15) and ends next Friday (3/20/15).  You can win your choice of:

- A pair of Capri pants custom-made in size 2T - girls 6
- Spring burlap door hanger
- $15 credit towards an item in my NEW blog shop*

Good luck!

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*new items are being added as I get to them, but the credit can be used any time in 2015!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Welcome to Crazytown

Why CRAZYTOWN?  Well, let me see... one overly dramatic nine-year old, one accident-prone, but otherwise quite sensible middle child,  a mischievous toddler,  a husband who works a messy job, house that won’t clean itself, carpools to drive, bills to pay, a crafting business to fulfill my need to craft and now a blog...  Yeah, all that adds up to a lil’ bit of craziness at home…especially when the big kids get home from school in the afternoons (because I hate homework almost as much as the kids do! In fact, maybe I hate it more than they do!!). - Sometimes I think Mommy is happier than me when I don't have homework.

 Crafting is my hobby, but sometimes it’s more like an obsession.  I’ve been known to dream of craft projects (but also sometimes Candy Crush and Pet Rescue Saga, is that normal??) and once the idea is there it has to come out!  It’s kind of like craft nausea, the idea lurks around on the edge of consciousness and won’t leave until it’s started so you could say that I vomit out our craft projects (yeah, that’s probably not normal!!). 
So, that’s Crazytown.  Pull up a chair and don't worry, screaming is just part of the process, you'll get used to it!

Spring Flutter Sleeve Dress


Easter Dress

Easter or Spring Peasant Dress sizes 6/12m - Girls 8



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Welcome to my Blog Shop! 

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Easter or Spring Peasant Dress sizes 6/12m - Girls 8, click here for more info and to order

Miss Mouse dress and bloomers  - custom made in red or pink

My name is Becky, I've had an etsy store for the past 3 years and I have fun on Facebook, but times they-are-a-changin' and I decided to add a little shop directly on my blog.

All of my items are handmade to a very high standard using high quality fabrics and all seams are finished using an overlock stitch and top-stitching where appropriate.  I use well-respected designers for my patterns (Create Kids Couture, Foo Foo Threads to name but two) that have a rigorous testing process, so you can be sure that my items will be cute and well designed.  Sizes may vary from "street" clothing, so I will include measurements on RTS (Ready to Ship) listings and will request measurements from you for custom orders.

If you have any questions, please comment below or email me.