Monday, July 27, 2015

Becky Sue’s Bow & Sews is now BECKITYBOOTIQUE

Hello my internet friends!  I’m ready to announce a small-ish change.


I'm rebranding away from Becky Sue's Bow & Sews and I'm now calling my online activities BECKITYBOOTIQUE (Beckityboo has been my screen name since back in the mists of time when we still had AOL!!!).

·         I changed the name and URL of my Facebook page.

·         I setup a “VIP” group on Facebook because although I dearly love Facebook and the positive change/cute cat pictures that it brings into my life; as far as my page is concerned it's not all sunshine and rainbows and it’s super annoying to post things and have the algorithms completely hide it from everyone.  Supposedly groups are the way of the future.

·         I've changed my business name on Twitter and Etsy.
·         I’m seriously thinking about jumping on the Smartphone bandwagon and when I do, I’ll get more into Instagram.  Don't hold your breath on that one though ;)


Changing the name makes sense to me since
1.       I don’t really make bows any more

2.       “Sue” hasn’t been around in a while, she’s off doing her own thing and power to her

3.       I didn’t know it when I set things up, but having things like apostrophes and “&” signs in your shop name makes it complicated and I think harder for people to find you in searches

So…there you have it!  Online accounts changed  (except gmail, gotta work that one out), new business cards ordered and although it’s a small change, it has made a big difference in my outlook! 




Friday, July 10, 2015

Waaaaaaasup World! I'm Still Here!

Waaaaasup world (do people still say that? Omg so 90s!)?  I haven’t blogged (here) for a while because…

1)      I’ve been cheating on you and blogging in other places like Handmade Nashville and Chic Threads & Things (oops!)

2)      It’s summer and I’ve got an army of munchkins running around everywhere demanding to be fed a bazillion times a day and to be taken places to “have fun”

3)      I’ve actually been sewing!  (yay)

4)      I got busy writing Fiverr orders (cool!)

On the subject of sewing, here are a few of the things I’ve been making recently! 
Denim & lace dress available through the #WesternCouture event at Boutique Challenge Auctions on Facebook

Princess Dress for Sizzling Summer Showcase at Chic Threads & Things

Girls sunhat and bag for Handmade Nashville (sold)

I’ve been inspired by my wonderful Facebook groups: 
  • Handmade Nashville (where I made beach inspired items)
  • Chic Threads & Things (amazeball Princess dress for our Summer Showcase)
  • Boutique Challenge Auctions who inspired a whole morning of Pinterest “research” to come up with two awesome #WesternCouture items.

I’ve really been having fun with these themes as you can probably tell!!!

So, my other new-ish thing is FIVERR.  I found it totally by accident on a link on a blog sometime back in January.  It’s basically a market place for services like copywriting and graphic design.  The basic ones start out at $5 each “gig”.  I’ve “met” some other reallllly cool handmade business owners through this and had so much fun using my extensive vocabulary (I used to read a Thesaurus as a kid – true story) and witty turn of phrase to write listings for them…here are some of my favorites:
Gorgeous Tila Bead Bracelet by JB Tila
Lolly Glass Bead necklace by Tea House Glass
Completely awesome Harry Potter Hollow Book Flask from Hollow Book Co.


I had never heard of Tila beads before I started writing listings for Jill of JB Tila.  They are totally gorgeous....go and buy TEN of them right now (and tell her I sent you!).   I'm in awe of the lovely colors that Annie of Tea House Glass comes up with (note: at time of writing, Annie had not updated this listing to my version yet).  Last, but not least...I totally want one of these hollow book flasks from Richie at Hollow Book Co.

If you’re interested in having me write some product listings for your Etsy store or website, you can find me here!


OK, that is all!  I can’t promise I won’t cheat on you with other blogs, but I’ll try and be better about blogging HERE!