Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Fun for Fall Double Layer Skirt: Purples and Paisleys and Teal…Oh MY! (NEW in my Etsy Shop)

Technically it’s not fall yet, but we’ve had something of a taste of the changing seasons here these past few weeks.  The leaves have started to turn (nice!) and the weather’s been a teeny bit cooler (aka you can get inside your car without feeling like you will suffocate because the air inside is a million degrees!).  On the negative side of this, it rained for an entire week and we’ve all got seasonal allergies and/or upper respiratory junk going on (luckily tissues and cough drops are on sale right now!!) :( .

It’s a bit tough trying to get good product pictures when the sun is M.I.A., but I had a touch of inspiration when it came to this gorgeous fall skirt that I made for the “Fall Out of Summer” event at Chic Threads & Things . Munchkin #2 and I grabbed umbrellas and rain boots and headed out to splash around while Lil Dude was napping.  The result?  Fun times and some great pictures!!

I absolutely LOVE this skirt!  True story: It has a stretchy waistband and I can fit into it, but it looks much cuter on her!!!

The skirt has the amazingly awesome pattern on the outer skirt…check it out!  There are so many wonderful colors for fall in the print; purple-ish/eggplant (aka aubergine for the Europeans!), turquoise, teal, orange, white and black.  It’s easy to find a top to match ;)  Plus it has the same purple-ish color on the underskirt (although I could make it with a different color underskirt – teal perhaps?) and a sweet little pickup tie on the side so that the underskirt peeks out.  It has superb twirl factor and, as you can see, is a lot of fun for puddle jumping!! 

I made this skirt with school in mind, but it’s fancy enough to wear to a party or church with a cute top and some shiny or sparkly shoes.  It can be worn with leggings and boots for fall, tights in winter and sandals in spring…so versatile!

It’s available now in sizes 2T – 10 through my Etsy shop.