Friday, May 13, 2016

The Circle of Handmade

How to stop obsessing about your small business social media results (or lack thereof) and feel better about life and handmade products!

 Picture an African savannah at sunset. An elderly monkey hoisting a lion cub in the air, Elton John singing in the background...the circle of…


The circle of life is important, but I wanted to take a minute to talk about a different kind of circle and I can't help the word associations in my head sometimes!

So, pull up a chair and let's chat about the circle of handmade!

The first step is easy and free...awesomesauce!


This is me on social media “scroll, scroll, scr...ooooh pretty...LIKE… scroll, scroll...[types] gorgeous...scroll, lovely friends/fans/followers need to see this...SHARE…”

For some reason, a lot of people don't have time or energy to do the like, comment and share thing. Yeah, yeah “quality content” and whatnot...I quit trying to play Facebook's mind games on my page because it was a huge time suck and I feel like it's a game I cannot win. These days, instead of obsessing over the number of likes and comments on my own FB page, I post what I want, when I want and focus my energies on supporting other handmade pages in the hope that some of that good karma will come back around.

Just find some pages with pretty stuff, follow them, throw out some likes, comment here and there and occasionally share their things on your personal page or retweet, get the idea. Interact, share...feel love!

If you haven't already, connect with a handmade BFF or even a group of like-minded handmade-making BFFs who share your ideology about supporting other handmade pages. I'm fortunate to have a few including my Handmade Nashville besties, Chic Threads & Things (sadly defunct due to the a-hole Facebook algorithms) and the lovely Southern Funk, maker of gorgeous boho handmade jewelry.

Don't expect your handmade friends to buy your stuff though (although it's nice if they do) because like you they probably spend all their cash on yarn/fabric/beads etc. What your handmade friends CAN do is help you network and spread the handmade love.


OK, this one is a little harder, but take a deep breath and spend the extra money to buy something handmade once in a while. Start small with something you were going to buy anyway. A pair of earrings, some lip balm...just dooooo itttt!

Think about it, you've been working your derriere off trying to convince strangers on the internet that YOUR handmade stuff is better quality, more unique than cheap “junk from China” so extend that logic to other handmade items and support another handmade seller with your hard-earned handmade it, it feels great I promise!

Each time that you buy handmade, you are strengthening the handmade culture and emboldening a fellow small business person; possibly giving them the extra cash to buy something handmade from another seller.

We've all seen the meme “support a small business and you're buying dance lessons or helping pay for college…” it’s been shared so many times that its become a bit cheesey, but guess what? It's TRUE!

Support other handmade businesses as you would wish to be supported!

Find the energy to pause in your scrolling to bestow some social media love every day and find a handmade alternative for something you were going to buy anyway and just click that “add to cart” button. Pay it forward!

That, my friend, is the circle of handmade! GO forth and circulate!

Want to join MY circle? Come introduce yourself on one of my social medias!
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How do YOU spread the handmade love? Feel free to share below in comments ;)